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  1. process graphs and trees

    One of the interesting things about processes in Unix is that they are tree structured. This is easily seen with the pstree command; init is the root of all processes. Several things, can, however go wrong with this tree. Defunct or zombie processes show up when a child process dies ...

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  2. make-socket-pair: remember to flush

    As I suspected, make-socket-pair worked just fine. I discovered this yesterday when I set the input and output buffer sizes to 1. Then, I had the sinking sensation that while I’d already tried flushing the buffer, I had been flushing the wrong side.

    I think one of the side ...

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  3. eil: week one report

    Well the first week of SoC has come and gone. I’m disappointed with my progress. I had hoped to have some simple ping/pong examples working by the end of the first week, but I’ve yet to resolve some issues with iolib and message passing. Realistically, I think ...

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  4. eil: initial progress

    Though the summer of code does not officially start until tomorrow, I’m pleased to report that we have made some initial progress.

    To start, we have common-lisp.net site with a git repository. The site has instructions on how to check out the code. Our (mostly empty) erlang-in-lisp project ...

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