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  1. pipe test

    posted on January 23, 2008 - tagged as: software

    We’ve created an ETL Yahoo pipe that aggregates the content of members’ blogs tagged with ‘etl.luc.edu’. What I’m wondering is how quickly the pipe gets updated, and where things get cached along the line…

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  2. darcs is perfect for university

    posted on August 14, 2007 - tagged as: software

    (I’m guessing that a lot of what I say here applies to all distributed version control systems, but since I’ve only used darcs, that is what I’ll focus on.)

    One of the neatest things about darcs is the fact that every checked out copy is itself a ...

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  3. GNU & Lisp

    I’m reading the GNU manifesto, and Stallman talks about adding:

    “We plan to have…perhaps eventually a Lisp-based window system through which several Lisp programs and ordinary Unix programs can share a screen. Both C and Lisp will be available as system programming languages.” —RMS

    What happened? Where did ...

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  4. meeting Richard Stallman

    I had the chance to meet Richard Stallman on Friday.  He was speaking at the NA-CAP conference at which I volunteered.  All in all, very interesting, and last night I ended up joining the FSF. 

    Call Stallman what you will: ideological, dogmatic, unwavering, stubborn, whatever.  You have to give it ...

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  5. my problem with presentation software (with solution)

    posted on April 18, 2007 - tagged as: software

    Presentation software is linear; presentations are non-linear. Most of my ‘presentations’ are in the academic setting where I either lecture or give an overview of a project I’m working on. In either case, it is useful to evaluate the attention and interest of the audience and alter the presentation ...

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  6. concurrency crisis

    It often seems that whatever we see in Apple’s products today, we’ll see in PCs tomorrow. So with the introduction of the 8 core Mac pro, we’re already getting into some serious multi-core territory. And while it’s been harped on frequently, everyone is right; with many ...

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