Below are some of the larger projects I’ve worked on. Shorter lived tinkering can be found on my bitbucket and google code pages.

Chicago Public Schools Racial/Ethnic Survey Warehouse and Visualization Tool is a simple visualization of publicly available data on the self-reported racial make up of Chicago Public Schools. This application is actually a data warehouse with a traditional star schema. It was written primarily as vehicle for exploring data warehousing. While I plan to add and update the data soon, richer and better presented information on Chicago Public Schools can be found on the excellent Schools Report Card from the Tribune apps team.

The CPS Racial/Ethnic Survey Warehouse and Visualization Tool was ported from pylons to pyramid, and the source is available here.

Growth-Rates is a simple site for looking at how things grow.  For example, did you know that something growing at 7% per year is almost the same as doubling every 10 years?


I work on BetterXML , a project aimed at simplifying XML processing in object oriented languages.

COMP 271—Data Structures

For three semesters I taught COMP 271, the data structures course at Loyola University Chicago. The site was hosted as if it were an open source project and is available here.

Computational Neighborhood

Computational Neighborhood is a simple cluster computing framework. Computational Neighborhood is currently dormant.