2011: Best Year Yet

posted on January 02, 2011 - tagged as: random

Useless tram for moving drunks between casinos.

In the spirit of ChiPy meetings, I’m declaring 2011 to be the best year yet. I can only assume the best-ness of each passing year will increase monotonically until the year of my death, at which point, all bets are off. Here are some reasons why 2010 was pretty great, too:

  • I rode my bike to Saint Louis (without being eaten by possums).

  • I went to PyCon.

  • My friend Brian and I went to Las Vegas and did not lose large sums of money.

  • Erin and Dan took my old apartment and are tending to the compost pile with great fervor.

  • Camping with friends occurred more frequently.

And here are some reasons why 2011 will also be great:

  • I have no plans to land in the ER, break a bone, receive an IV, or be eaten by possums.

  • I will go to PyCon.

  • Camping with friends will occur more frequently.

  • I will read more books.

  • Rob Pike will release Plan10 for download in the iTunes App Store.

  • Bjarne Stroustrup will announce that this joke has gone on long enough.

  • Cable news channels will not mention the woes of a single teenage starlet, instead focusing on well-researched and thoughtful journalism that is neither sensationalist nor pandering to one side of the aisle or another.

  • Robots will stop attempting to submit spam comments to my blog.

  • We will meet back here and discuss all this next year.

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