eil: initial progress

Though the summer of code does not officially start until tomorrow, I’m pleased to report that we have made some initial progress.

To start, we have common-lisp.net site with a git repository. The site has instructions on how to check out the code. Our (mostly empty) erlang-in-lisp project works with asdf and is easily loaded with slime-load-system. Some dependencies are kept in version control, but most are checked out with the makefile in the deps directory. This makefile is pretty repetitive, and I’m thinking of replacing it with something a little more maintainable (perhaps an scsh script).

I’ve spent some time thinking about our intial fork-based concurrency approach. Though there are portable libraries for some posix operations like file and directory management, I’ve been somewhat surprised that there isn’t a Common Lisp implementation for all of the posix functionality (though it seems there have been some thoughts in this direction). Still we should be able to rely on the implmentation specific posix packages or roll our own with cffi for now.

Also, there is a little test-misc.lisp file serving as a catch all for miscellaneous tidbits. Right now there are some tests from cl-muproc in there that I think we should get working with our fork framework and IPC messaging by the end of the week.

I still have many questions, though, and I’ll be posting a list of them soon.

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