posted on July 17, 2007 - tagged as: civics

If you’re awake and you have cable, turn on C-SPAN2 and watch the historic all-night Senate session about Iraq. It really is quite interesting to see the Senators talking on their own without mass media spin. Unfortunately these things are usually only on during the day (though you can catch the last hour if you get home early enough).

At this time Fox News is talking about a WWE wrestler, CNN is rambling about the Brumfield shooting, MSNBC is showing a prison special, CNBC is showing Donny Deutsch and how you can GET RICH, and the same for Bloomberg.  If this frivolity is not enough, MTV, the shiny things network, is celebrating our national stupidity with ‘Scarred,’ a show with “user-generated videos of mishaps and wipeouts.”

Long live the republic.

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